How employing a female crew can save 3 crore rupees anually than employing male crew ?

GoAir CEO Giorgio De Roni made a bold decision by cut shorting male crew members while recruiting future in order to cut costs.

The aircraft loaded with heavier weights burns more fuel than the same aircraft loaded with lighter. The male crew member weighs averagely 15 kg heavier than the female crew member. For an additional weight ( Kilogram ) , there is a cost of Rs 3 per flight hour.

Further they have reduced the weight of the flight by reducing the size of the magazine and eliminating unwanted things and they also started to fill only 60% of the water tank capacity.

There is a lot of criticism in the decisions of go air since there is a gender discrimination. But I back the innovative decision on Go Air since the aviation industry is a cut throat business and from the past history we know that that the sustainability in India in this industry is difficult.After all the CEO in any organization should work for the motto of the company. The go air’s strategy is to build a cheap and affordable airlines to the public.

Who knows they can even reduce the weight by removing  one lavatory , curtains , carpets etc.,in the future.


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