How good should be an education?

Imagine the son of Adam and eve is visiting now after several thousands of years in earth. Due to a magic created by an amazing magician in Wall Street – New York, the first child of earth appears in the roads of New York. Imagine how he would feel like visiting earth several thousand years after?  He is left with tears in his eyes with the music of Hans Zimmer running at the background by seeing all inventions from tall buildings, luxury cars to tiny piece of shoes. He then realizes that human brain is god and education is important to push human being limits. Now you can imagine how education has improved the innovations and discovery.

By improving the education system, we can achieve the innovations earlier i.e., what we can achieve in 100 years, there is a chance to achieve the same in 50 years with hard work and improving the education system effectively. It sounds great, isn’t it? We can see some extra innovations in our life period?

Me and my friend had a long walk and discussed about education revolutions. We have noticed that many of us cannot pass out from the school without learning theory of relativity and proof of E=MC (square). Also we wondered how many of them understand and can explain properly. When we asked about theory of relativity to some students, it seems they lacking the understanding heavily. This is due to the fact that the brain visualizes the concept for better understanding. If the concept is little complex and it there is no proper information to visualize, then the brain struggles. I suggested a virtual theatre to understand the concept better. Since the teaching itself in visualization, the brain understands further better. We also discussed about the creating a gravity machine surrounded with virtual theatre, so that the students can feel different gravitational force in different planets. Further the virtual theatre, the programs and syllabus should be created for each syllabus and subjects. For eg., in the atomic physics , student will experience how particles are broken further and how they react and their tendency etc.,

There is need for revised syllabus, For eg., In computer science , students learning obsolete language and hardware’s. I have learnt about multiple joysticks used in olden days and I have no idea what I am reading. Probably it should come in computer history, not in computer science. I developed further three subjects’ entrepreneurship, philosophy and Technology & machinery.

Why Entrepreneurship?

Every country strongly motivating its citizen for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is one of the best tool for propagate this planet towards innovations. If there is an annual entrepreneurship stall in schools and college each year ie., student can make some things and sell to people. Doesn’t it make student enthusiastic to earn something from their creation. Doesn’t it push the thought process? Doesn’t it pushes the human brains ?

I once visited the science fair in school. A 12 years girl has made some vehicle made up of straw, cups, ice cream sticks with the motor. It was really awesome, I felt in love with the toy. I have a bought it for Rs 200 after the end of science fair and the girl’s heart is filled with joy for earning her first money in life out of her creation. If the entrepreneurship fair is established, we can get to see some amazing things from young minds. I got some various ideas and innovations out of the science fair. Even somebody can learn some marketing techniques from the young minds.

Why philosophy ?

Students should briefly learn about the philosophy. Every great scientist is a philosopher. Students should learn about the purpose of religion. How in the name of religion, some politicians utilizing the people. How in the name of honor, religion and discriminations – some countries end up in war. The art of giving to the people and society. What is god ? How some people utilizes some other people in the name of god? Respect to women’s ? Education importance to woman’s? How women’s education would improve the livings? etc., So the student should learn broad about the philosophy. It will give the broader mind and analytical skill further making this planet peace and beautiful.

Why technology and machinery?

When I learnt about the conductors, diode , resistors etc., I dint understand the fundamental grasp of diodes and conductors. For eg ., how semiconductors in the calculators helps in calculation.? For this student should build the basic 4 digit calculator to understand all the components in detail. When everything is learnt in circuit diagram theoretically, there is a lack of knowledge practically. This program is to integrate theory and practical end to end for better understanding.

Finally education is the driving force to push the human limits. It will make a world much better place to live in.

With the recent turmoil in the education sector in Tamilnadu, I think it is very essential to liberate education sector without any state board and central board.  The competition and free markets should be created among the institutions. In order to create that only syllabus and subjects have to passed on to the institutions for them to teach the students. Finally one common exam across India should be conducted for the 12th Standard for the college entry as one of the parameter. The other parameter should be left to the institution to decided to select the students. One might argue it might give an advantage the college to collect the exorbitant tuition fees. But in order to avoid it we should fix the tuition fee on the Tier basis based on the quality of College. And the donations should be banned for the colleges. 10 th board exam for selecting the subjects should be avoided as it will kill the students interest and enthusiasm towards the subject. Students should be allowed to choose the subjects on free will so that we will not kill the creativity of the students.



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