How some laws of physics apply to human thoughts ? And how great people like jobs realized and made decisions?


I am going to discuss two physics concept which influences human thoughts, theory of relativity and multiverse.

What is relativity ?

Relativity is connected with a point of view of possible experience as relative with respect to one another.

What is a multiverse ?

It is the hypothetical set of infinite or finite possible universes that together comprise everything that exists and can exist.

Unconsciously human thoughts are based on relativity. Without referring to another , the human being’s life is not fulfilled. For eg., how beautiful it is ? How big it is ? How happy you are ? Everything depends upon relativity.This concept I learnt from Dan Ariely , a behavior economist professor in MIT.

For eg., if we consider how happy you are in the job ? We will analyze two situations. Assume one man is working for 70000 USD annually where an average salary of employee ranging from 65000 to 200000 USD , where this man is considered as a low salaried employee  among the whole employee in that company.

Suppose if the same man is working in a small firm where he is offered a responsible post with the same salary with company’s average salary ranging from 40000 to 75000 USD. In which situation he will be more happy ? Definitely in the second situation. Realizing this and take decisions is important thing in life.

In order to define multiverse , consider your each period or each part of life as one universe. For eg., Kinder garden as universe one , High school as universe two , college as universe three , working in Singapore as universe four and so on.

When a human being jumps from one universe to another universe , it takes some time to settle and adapts to the condition. Consider if Albert Einstein is born as a fish in a square shaped tank filled full with water. Still Einstien can prove the law of physics with respect to medium and shape, But it takes some time for adaptability.

Consider if you are transferring from Brazil to china on the job. It will take some time for adaptability. Even it takes time for identifying beautiness of a girl , music , place etc., Since there is a complete transformation of physical characteristics , culture , human behavior Etc.,

Let us see how jobs achieved this using relativity.

During the period apple sale plunging down and stock value dropping , he made a major decision by entering into Music ( iPod)  and the mobile phone industry while the DNA of the company being computer manufacturers. It needs some special  guts and lateral thinking to break relativity and to make bold decisions. Breaking one universe and entering into another universe needs courage.

Why Microsoft cannot manufacture car replacing contemporary steering into wheel  joystick or touch pad ? Why canon cannot manufacture eye gear since they are pioneer in lenses ? Think !!!!!


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