Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson


This is one of my favorite books so choose this book for my first review. He is the legendary person and inspiration for most of youngster who aspire to become entrepreneur. This book is written by Walter Isaacson, one of the renowned biography writers. He has been the chairman of CNN and managing editor of time magazine. This book is the official biography of Steve Jobs with his full co-operation for two years before his death. Like Apple products, this biography is also unique that jobs asked for no control over writing. This biography does not focus not only his glory and achievements but also his mistakes he done in life.  It’s a sure book to read about this glorious person this planet has carried. I have learnt about his managerial skills, going with Intuition, pursuing ambition etc.

The book starts with motto on the 4 the page as follows:


The people who are crazy enough

To think they can change

The world are the ones who do

 –    Apple’s “ Think Different “ Commercial , 1997



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