Organization and regulators influencing shipping industry

1.    UNCTAD – United Nations conference on trade and development  – It was established in 1964 to help the developing nation in trade and commerce of this globalization era. It influences trade and commerce in turn it influences shipping industry. It intervened in ship registration and open registration issue. Article 5, 6 & 7 deals with ship registration issues.

2.    The classification societies : It regulates the technical and operation standard of ships. It makes rules for ship construction, maintenance and issues class certificate for compliance. There is periodic survey during construction and also after the ship is in trade. One of the oldest Lloyd. The major classification societies are Lloyds register of shipping, Nippon Kaiji Kyokei, American Bureau of shipping, Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd.

3.    The Flag States : It is responsible for regulating all aspect of the commercial and operational performance of the ship. The flag state is the nationality of the ship; the international laws are made by the participation of the flag state in treaties or convention. It is the primary legal authority governing the merchant ships. List of vessels registered under various flags of state is as follows :


4.    The Coastal state rules : The coastal state frames their own law and ship which is trading in those area should comply with the regulation. The regulation varies from country to country. Almost the regulation will be same as the international rules but it can waive the rules for pollution, economic zones and safety.

5.    International Maritime Organization: IMO is the specialized agency of the United Nations and responsible for maritime safety, pollution and security. It forms a regulatory frame-work for shipping and its remit today includes safety, environmental concerns, legal matters, technical co-operation, maritime security and the efficiency of shipping.

6.    Port State Control :  Port state control is the main vehicles for ensuring safety of the vessel which inspect the vessels on construction , maintenance and safety of the vessel. It has the right to detain the vessel which does not meet the international standards. There are several of memorandums of understanding according to area for the betterment of the function.

7.    Protection and indemnity club : It provides the insurance cover for it member mainly formed by ship owners .

8.    Intertanko :  Where various tanker owners and operator were members and discusses the future and policies of tankers.

9.    Intercargo :  The main role of INTERCARGO  is to work with the members, the regulators and other Shipping Associations to ensure that shipping operates safely, efficiently, environmentally and profitably.

10.    BIMCO :  ( Baltic and international Maritime council ) : It is the shipping association contains various members of ship owners , operators , charterers , brokers. Its aim is to advise, educate, promote fair business practice and standardize shipping practice.

11.    ILO : ( International Labor Organization ) : It formulates the terms and condition for seafarers employment and have impact on economics of ship operation since crew wages contributes major percentage in ship operation.

12.    Container conference : There are a lot of container conference formed for facilitating its member regarding freight rates , trade routes , cargo sharing etc., One of the big conference is Grand alliance & Global alliance.


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