My Heroes by Ranulph Fiennes

This is the book of his list of insanely courageous people who inspired Sir Ranulph Fiennes. This explains the some of the extremely brave activity of people like Mathew axelson , Michael Murphy , Marcus luttrell ( US Navy seal people) – Paul Rusesabagina ( Manager of hotel in Rwanda ) – PC Dick Coombes ( London police ) – Gladys Aylward ( Christian missionary worker ) – Klaus Von stauffenberg ( Rebel against Fruher ) – Tony Kurz ( Mountain Climber )- Peter Godwin ( Human rights journalist ) – adventurist and exploration people like Douglas mawson , Dr Xavier Mertz , Ninnis etc.,Sir Ranulf Fiennes is the first person to visit both north and south pole. Also he has recieved numerous bravery awards and holder of several endurance. This book clearly explains how human being can push  limits beyond their thinking ability. It gave me confidence and motivation to achieve miracles in life. While you reading , in several pages you will get goose bumps and adrenaline pump. After finishing this book , if you hear the word ” Ranulph Fiennes ” , you will feel raw courage in you.



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