Containerisation in parcel chemical tanker

There is a lack of synchronise thinking between ship yard , harbour and owners. Due to this synchronise thinking the innovations in ports equipments which in turns reduces port handling time of the ship. This chain link further reduces the lead time in supply chain management.

In my last article I wrote about the concept of unicontaineriation frames which is capable of accommodating 150 containers. Lifting a 150 container requires crane with SWL capacity of 3000 tons. This concept will reduce the port time in the big container ship like EEE class vessel. Developing a 3000 ton crane which can only be utilised for container will not be a good incentive for ship owners and harbours. The 3000 ton crane should be utilised for other vessel with adding values.

Now I got an idea of containerisation in parcel tankers. A container tanker made up of stainless steel tank with capacity of 500,1000,2000 etc. depending upon the standardisation. The stainless steel container will be pre-loaded with chemicals in port. Then it can be loaded on the ships cargo hold using big cranes. It will reduce the time spent on port and works hours of seafarers in ship. It will also reduce the maintenance of the ship since complicated pipelines and pumps are eliminated.

I order to heat , the heating is integrated with the steel tank or cargo hold. There is a inert gas provisions between the walls of container and cargo hold in case of any leakage. Bilge pump will fitted for emergency incase of any leakage. Loading , unloading and cleaning to tanks will be taken care by shore so the responsibility for the ship owners will be reduced.


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