Business concept – One television channel and programme store (Similar to app store) to eliminate boring programme; to bring more efficient television programme and to make opportunity gate bigger for new comers

When I watch people seeing television, I used to see people often changes the channel since the programme is boring. Now you have more channels, programmes and it keeps on expanding with time. Now I thought idea of introducing programme store similar to app store in mobile to enhance the experience of television.

In app store, there will more than 300000 apps but we customize the mobile with apps we love to enhance the mobile phone experience. Similarly we can do with the television. What I see the television as bigger version of ipad.

Now the programme store creates further competition to provide efficient television programme. Also it creates the amateur entertainers for the opportunity become celebrity and earn. It creates the lot of potential to new comer since the barriers were more previously to enter into the entertainment industry.

Now in this concept anybody can air and price their programme according to their belief. Creating free market and more competition. Hope Programme store will come in future


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