Commercialisation of space transportation

Recently space exploration has been a hot topic in the space industry and also commercialisation of space transportation has been a challenge for many organisations. The federal aviation industry from United States has prepared the business plan for commercialising space transportation for the fiscal year 2013. In that various issues like safety, operations, Environment and legal issues.

Schakleton Energy Company was formed in 2007 in an ambitious project to develop instruments and technologies to mine the moon. Deletion innovation ltd in Canada also prepare to do mining activity in space under co-ordination with Canadian space agency. Helion-3 is present abundance in moon, which worth’s lot of money and also firms will in search for new form of energy. Allocation of licensing and legal issues between the countries will be a big challenge.

Commercial space flight company like virgin galactic founded by Sir. Richard Branson gives an opportunity to common people to view the beauty of Space and zero gravity. So the whole spectrum economics changes where money flow will be moved out of the earth. It is in interesting how these things progress and shapes up both the industry and the world. It is an unique opportunity for our generation to see the complete dynamics of economy and space industry.


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