Correlation between quantum physics and consumer theory

I firmly believe that all the fields have high correlation and it should yet to be explored. Recently psychology and psychiatrist played a huge role in economics. In the early 21st century Mathematician played a huge role in econometrics and game theory. Every now and then people from the different field made an influence in some industry. Every leap in some science makes some other influence. Physics, Chemistry, mathematics, philosophy have a high correlation with each other.

When a photon is passed through the double slit experiment for “n” number of successive time, the scientist cannot predict the pattern of photon of choosing the slit. There is no predictable pattern of photon in choosing of slit.

Similarly if a consumer is allowed choose between similar goods without brand name there is no predictable pattern in it. If the consumer is allowed choose between coke and Pepsi without the brand label in the bottle, there is no predictable pattern. And majority tends to make mistake in finding the brand.

When the human being is made up of sub-atomic particle, the human being behaviour will depend upon the aggregate of sub-atomic particle in which the human being is manufactured out of nature.


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