Dry Fixtures


‘Solar Breeze’ 2000 130000/10 Newcastle/Kemen 22/31 Mar $10.60 fio 45000shinc/25000shinc – Sinochart

The vessel MV Solar Breeze (Built year: 2000) is sailing from Newcastle, Australia to Kemen, China at freight rate of 10.60$ per ton carrying 130000 tons of coal with a allowance of 10%. Lay day of the vessel commences voyage from 22nd March and reaches 31st March at discharging port with loading rate between 45000 SHINC and discharge rate 25000 tonnes SHINC (Sunday holiday inclusive). Charterer – Sino chart.

Iron Ore

‘SKS Mosel’ 2003 obo 100000/10 Tubarao/Misurata 13/22 Apr $11.50 fio scale/14000fhinc – Vitol

The Vessel MV SKS Mosel built on 2003 obo – (Oil & bulk combined carrier ) will load from tubarao,Brazil to Misurata, Libya with laytime from 13th April to 22nd April. The freight rate is 11.50$ per ton carrying 100000 tons of iron ore with 10% allowance. The loading rate is scale rate at loading port and discharge rate is 14000 tons per day FHINC (Friday Holiday inclusive ). The charterer is vitol.


‘Transpacific’ 2012 81247 dwt dely Phu My 11/16 Mar 6/8 months trading redel worldwide $10500 daily – Hudson

The vessel MV Transpacific built on 2012 with 81247 deadweight delivered on Ho chi Minh port between 11th to 16th March chartered between 6 to 8 months. The vessel can be redelivered anywhere with the rate of 10500$ per day. The charterer is Hudson.

Time charterer

Giovanni Bottiglieri’ 2009 93407 dwt dely Rizhao 15/17 Mar trip via Australia redel Singapore-Japan $9000 daily – Oldendorff

The vessel MV Giovanni Bottiglieri built on 2009 of deadweight 93407 tonnes delivered on Rizhao, china between 15 to 17 March. The trip is via Australia and the vessel should be redelivered between Singapore to Japan stretch. The chartering rate is 9000$ per day and the charterer name is Oldendroff.


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