Tanker Fixture

Voyage from

Voyage To Vessel Name Tonnes Rate Rate Unit Lay date Charterer Name
Ara W.Africa King Douglas 60000 W88.5 Mar 16 Bp
Uk Continent Mediternean Torm Saone 33000 W102.5 Mar 18 St Shipping
Uk Continent US Gulf World Navigator 37000 W135 Mar 20 Global
Us Gulf Mexico Sti Fontvieille 38000 200000 lumpsum Mar 14 Charterer Not Reported
Us Gulf Mexico Nave Pulsar 38000 210000 lumpsum Mar 15 Charterer


Tanker charterer reports market as clean and dirty fixtures. Clean fixtures indicate the clean oil products and the dirty fixtures include crude oil. Tanker fixtures are based on world scale index – Operating a particular tanker size in certain route.

The first row of the fixture explains that the vessel MV King Douglas is fixed for the Voyage from Ara to West Africa to carry 60000 Tonnes of cargo at the world scale rate 88.5 ( 88.5% of the rate in the world scale tanker fixtures in that route ) and the lay date is March 16 ( It commences from ) with the charterer BP ( British Petroleum ).

Lumpsum means the voyage charterer pays the lumpsum amount of money irrespective any other unit like per ton or world scale.


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