Success factor for expansion of liner terminal

We should follow the holistic and systematic approach considering the expansion factor of the construction of the new terminal in the US east coast after the Panama Canal expansion. It is essential to analyse the terminal expansion project in a layered view and identifying the bottle necks in the terminal system. The terminal should consider the expansion project in scientific approach rather than conventional working method by terminals. The conventional way of expanding is by gut feeling, guessing, trial and error method which will substantially will lead to overspending and least efficient. Therefore using modelling, analysing, simulating and testing methodology to get the optimised and efficient result will be the key factor.

The major components to be considered for the designing and expansion project are waterside & Landside infrastructure, Handling equipment, Internal transport system, Storage equipment, Operational procedure, Information and communication systems, Labour Organisation, Cost structure and external bodies. Each component will have a brief impact on the layers of terminals. Therefore one should carefully asses the factors and constraints in the factor.

Due to the expansion of the Panama Canal the vessel size increases. It is important to analyse turning basin, berth occupancy, sufficient handling equipment and crane, call size and turnaround time, Capital & operational expenses due to the expansion, Regulations concerning local area and global level. When the terminals is constrained by the yard space, it is essential to upgrade the handling equipment in order to get the maximum efficiency of the given yard space. Also the peak factor and call size increase will affect the factors like yard storage, yard handling and the gate capacity.

Finally simulation modelling and the scientific approach gives the maximum efficiency, Long term efficiency and cost savings instead of going conventional way of believing in intuition. Even though simulation technique is cost some penny but in the long run it will be beneficial to the company.


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