iOS 8 – Strategy to sell new ipad’s and iphone’s.

This fall Apple inc released its new mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It eventually came under light after its release immediately due to severe criticism. Majority of users complained that it makes their system slower. This is due to fact that new iPad air-2 has much more advanced feature and powerful SOC/ RAM/ processor compared to previous ipad models. ipad air 2 has Apple A8x Soc whereas ipad air has Apple A7 and ipad 4 has A6x Soc . Both ipad air and ipad 4 have 1 Gb Ram whereas iPad air2 has 2 Gb Ram. Also both graphics processing unit and central processing unit of ipad air/4 is slower compared to iPad air-2.

The additional features in the ipad air-2 needs the powerful components to enhance the user feel. So the new iOS is tailored to the latest version of iPad than caring more about the previous versions. It also acts as a strategy to sell new ipads since it slows down the previous versions of ipad. The ipad air is slower than ipad air-2 and ipad-4 is frustratingly slower than ipad air and ipad air-2. This makes clearly evident that apple keeps the average age of iphone/ ipad in user hand for 2 years along with the carrier contracts. But the Android updates doesn’t make the system slower or sometimes the update is not available for the certain models knowing that it makes the phone slower. May be the same concept can be used by apple giving the updates for latest version than giving away for all. This makes clearly evident that they use updates as a strategy to sell the new products since the new products have same user feel or advanced feel compared to the customer bought their previous ipad.

This makes the user to think about changing their iPhone / iPad and also Apple’s reuse and recycling program acts as incentive for the user to consider strongly about replacing their older iPhone/ iPad



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