Business model for tourism sector.

I just started to think what can enhance the tourist in terms of value by advancing the tourist experience. I found that there is no good mobile application which can create the ultimate tourism experience. With the advancement of smartphone technology lot can be done in terms of tourism.

Tourism is typically stereotypical in this world such as people goes to famous places like Eiffel Tower, leaning tower of Pisa, Athens etc. But many beautiful places in the world are unexperienced by the tourist. While I was sailing in the ship, I have visited some beautiful places near Guaiba, Brazil, Amazon, Walhalm (Sweden) etc. Another person must have experienced some other unknown beautiful places around the world.

The information has to be shared for enhancing and exploring the unknown tourist place around the world. The local person in Brazil knows more about the beautiful place in and around his neighbourhood than the foreigner. So many participants is needed to participate in sharing the knowledge for enhance the tourist experience. There is a need for common platform which can connect all the participants. Necessity is the mother of all inventions basically.

The mobile app platform should have instant login for the users to participate by sharing his location in the map. The user should able to add some photograph in the same location with some note . Also app should allow the participants to add the photograph / information even the person is not in the same location. May be later in the stage also. There should be reviewing and rating for particular location by other users who visited. This will be the primary information for the location. The secondary information will be regarding shopping, stay, food, medical assistance and fuel in around the location. Also the app should have the ability to contact the above services.Further tertiary information can be feel, experience and story of the tourist who visited the place.

This kind of mobile app will add values for the tourism. If I would like to search beautiful scenario in and around any random place, I will just search in my location. Based on the review , the locations can be further segregated into tier 1,2 &3. Also the annual ranking of places and survey of tourism should be carried out. Various metrics and analytics regarding tourism information should be done. For example, most beautiful photo, maximum review, maximum rankings etc. In this way I believe there will be advancement in tourism sector using technology.



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