Math as strategy for moving up the ladder.

There is a saying that “Calm seas never make a skillful sailor” similarly “Calm life never makes a skillful human being”. The more you try in life, more wiser you become and more knowledge you gain. Lets apply some basic mathematics skill on this topics. The more the people you know, the more connections you have. The conversations you have in your network takes you to new topic. This makes your eagerness to explore the new topic.

When we start to explore more topic, you will gain more knowledge in a new area. This makes us to connect the dots in our field of expertise. This makes the person to stand out in that area by integrating various knowledge in his field of expertise. The more knowledge you have in various fields, the risk has been diversified. It goes well with sales and marketing. More the sales call you make, the more you tried. This makes the person increase the probability of sales. The increase in more probability of sales makes more successful. The golden rule is reading more books, meeting more people, location is important and not giving up the dreams.


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