My Quotes

“Religion is emotional, Humanity is rational.”

“If we just start to experience inception of innovation, then we probably just starting experience the inception of civilization”

“International clearing union and Bancor makes me curious after 2008 financial crisis”

“Religion is emotional, Humanity is rational and Peace is godliness”

“Gandhi is much ahead of time, the world is yet to feel his ideology on peace since it is so rational to accept”

“Does GDP per capita is inversely proportional to the religious belief?”

“When it is so rational, it is controversial”

“Hayek’s macroeconomic policy is much more from entrepreneurial perspective”

“Sometimes the countries lock their horn in International arena and it distorts the relative prices which gives wrong signal to entrepreneur”

“When I see refugee crisis, what EU need is person like Gandhi not Brussels politics.”

“What is the difference between colonialism & terrorism? Indeed it was same prior world war.”

“Good research needs curiosity. And good business need passion.”

“I think we are in hangover phase of financial crisis”

BREXIT is a gamble. Nobody knows the future about it”

“If you closely watch trade deals and military strategy, you will have brief picture of countries strategy”

“When we advance into fourth dimension universe. Time will be included in formulas. We also need advancement in vector algebra.”

“We take irrational decision bcoz of the convenience of short term gain compared to long term gain. Sadly thats how politics also function.”

“Gandhi s philosophy is like wine. The more you become old , the more you understand it.”

“If you consider yourself as global citizen, then you should observe and care about global politics & economics”

“If you are a start up enterpreuner and worked ridiculously hard and smart, then nothing works out. Sometimes you have to just sit & watch.”

“Current status of space industry is similar to shipping industry before 200 years”

” Start up Entrepreuners are the one who takes the risk and executes the idea. Once the engine is running, employees can keep running. Rest is history”

“Opportunities differs with similar knowledge in different location.”

“If you want to pitch your business to get fund, just Play golf. Dont waste your time pitching your idea in business games”

“A good economist will analyse the historical data and give solution to present problem. Not to predict future”

“21st century advantage of US is its geographical location. Situated comfortable between atlantic and pacific”

“Every single day you make choice”

“Supply and demand automatically pave the path for trade”

“Purpose of life is to be happy and help others without any expectation”

“Majority of the information has been shared based on reading the heading of content than reading the content.”

“Negotiation is art. Only can be mastered with experience”

“China’s strategy of lending money to build infrastructure is an excellent strategy.”

“You should have a ability to see a person through situation.”

“The thing is there is no next big thing”

“Never invest on ideas, Invest on founders passion and attitude”

“If there is a problem, we need solution in action. Not a prolonged opinion or advise”

“Every sanction will have opportunity”

“A developed country is not the place where poor have car, it is the place where rich use public transport”

“Sky is not the limit. Sky is begin of the limit.”

“Consider the impact of autonomous car on busy entrepreneurs and blind people.”

“Human beings cant live longer period in Mars. Mars should be the source for supplying commodity to earth as we constantly depleting resources”

“Its not the idea, its the business network dictates the masses and world”

“80% of population agglomerates in 20% of the land mass it approximately” #Pareto

“TTIP crafted behind closed doors by political leaders with corporate interest at the table. Allow economist to do the job”

“Age of bretton wood is 3 decade. What will be the age of euro zone?”

“Unemployment rate is one of the main metrics to watch in the governance”

“Euro has to devalued in an innovative way for eurozone recovery.”

“Risk taking ability is different and facing the consequence if taken risk is another set of special skill.”

“The art of doing business is being a good middle man”

“Fake it until you become it”

“Success is the best revenge”

“Think big always. Big machine, big business and big ideas”

“It proves no more media can influence ppl. Ppl are awaken in this era.”

“Entrepreunership is like new birth. You literally got stripped naked and next minute you are born”

“You should not become famous before you become too big to fall”





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