Building a political social platform for the people to see the change they want.

Right to Information act ( 2005 ) was an excellent initiative to empower and give citizens the visibility in the governance. It gives the citizen, the rights to know about the government information. The fundamental idea is to give transparency of the information in governance. I think RTI was the first step in bringing the transparency and citizen into governance.

The second step is to bring more citizen into the politics and governance. I feel we have to build strong interactive platform as website, mobile app platform to involve more people in politics. Engaging more people in real time gives the overview of the governance for top officials and it reduces the corruptions.

The political platform should be similar to Facebook and LinkedIn. The people participating in the platform should be participated both in topic wise plus region wise. The region should be segregated as  below

  • Country
  • State
  • loksabha constituency
  • State legislative assemblies
  • District
  • town or city
  • Area / Street

Basically the region is segregated and stripped from top to bottom. And the sector in which the people will be contributing is segregated as below

Health Care Economy Education
Election Energy Civil Rights
Law & Justice Agriculture Taxes
Foreign Policy Transportation Infrastructure
Affordable housing Environment Safety

The idea is to bring more people engaged in politics in their region raising voice over various sector and issues. For eg., if a private contractor not laying the road properly, the people in their region could raise the voice with the proof. The proof could be a photo, video or an document. In this way we could reduce corruption and the top officials could monitor the work even in the remote region.

The citizens can contribute to articulate the idea and reforming the policy in various sector and region. By building social platform for politics, I think we increase the transparency in the the governance and we can involve more citizen to participate in articulating the idea and also involve them in governance. When more ppl involves in a project, then there is more brains trying to solve the problem through team work.


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