My lyrics

Pushing the limits

Scenario : The Wars scene is running behind the scene with a bomb shell exploding, gun sounds, screaming men with bloods, sound of sea waves and animals. The man decided to speak to his girl for a last time , since the war is worsening.

Man : Hello! I think I cannot make it. It gets worse here

Women :. My prayers are powerful. I am not going to cry. You will make.

Man : Love you so much . (The line cuts.)

The music starts for a minute and then goes lyrics.


Faces in the flames , Voices on screams

Holding my breath for you

Becoming numb as time flies

Need some  love adrenaline

Terrible scream haunts me with blood

Am an irrational animal with hopes

Deep there is a hidden fear

Trying to hide with memories

Hope is draining , Fear is raining

The iron heart weeps with wounds

Searching for a raw courage And

I Never Forgive this planet forever

I feel you there with bleeding tears

Lonely in a human made box

The world is filled with illusions

Where emotion is a disease

Mind and sole losing the game

Your prayer is truly insane that

I will live with you forever

Good bye to fear and hopes

Life is uncertain with false promise

Iron atheist transforming to theist

Haunted by a deep fear of fear

God is a beautiful flash of memories

Everybody will see at the end



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